On Friday I went to GAWS (Geelong Animal Welfare Society) to check out who was in need of a home. I was aiming for a puppy but already owning one gorgeous dog Alfie (even though my parents fostered him while I went to live overseas for a bit and now have kidnapped/adopted him) I felt like maybe I shouldn’t …

When I got there it was raining cats and dogs! 😂 I had a quick look in the dog section but nobody caught my eye so I sought shelter in the cat section. I could not believe how many! SO MANY! Too many! Get your cats (boys and girls) fixed my friends! Ginger, tabby, black, white, short-hair, long-hair, some new little baby kittens, others basically teenagers (in cat months), even poor old beauties who had been dumped from previous homes poor old mates. They all had their own unique personalities, some quiet, others cheeky, some friendly, others loners, all adorable. I was standing in front of a cage of prticularly entertaining kittens when one of the lovely volunteers asked if I would like to go in. Well I can’t say no to holding a baby be it human, bird, mammal or reptile so in I went. Down the back in “bunks” I noticed two beautiful grey tabby kittens. As I approached them one started purring and came closer for a pat. I happily obliged of course. Then, as I reached down to pat the quieter of the two, Little Miss Chatty decided to step down on to my back and have a rest there! Smooth operator. We had a little cuddle (for about five minutes) but not wanting to get attached, I put her down and walked out to have another look at the dogs.

Fifteen minutes, a quick talk to my Mum and $200 later and I was in my car driving home with 12 week old, desexed, defleaed, vaccinated grey tabby no. – an absolute bargain for the hours of entertainment and cuddles she has already supplied!

One thing left to do – NAME HER!

I have four literary inspired names on the short-list … go to NAME MY CAT to have your say! #gaws #geelonganimalwelfaresociety #adoptdontshop #cat #kitten #readingaddict #booklover