What a huge year this has been! 

2016 has been getting a bad rap lately, and if you look globally I guess I understand. You could say the world is in turmoil, wars, terrorism, ridiculous leaders, people more worried about themselves and keeping the status-quo than thinking of others, what feels like many famous figures dying; but I also see people fighting for their beliefs, for equality, showing support for minorities, expressing gratitude, caring for others … yes lots of bad, but much good too! 

More importantly I look closer to home, to my own life.

I worked with the most amazing team and taught 24 of the most delightful, imaginative and energetic students I have ever been lucky enough to know. 

I joined Barre class (which I cannot wait to get back to), a new netball team (and made some great new friends), and accepted the challenge of F45, on my way to being healthier!
I bought a house, well a unit really, which is tiny but perfect for me and I love it and the fact I can do what I like to it – I have so many ideas and plans that it is hard to keep within my budget!
Three of the most caring and lovely women I know left this world. Nanna had been sick with dementia for a long time, so while it was heartbreaking to lose her, it was a kindness to her. Mary was like a surrogate Mother to my Mum, so interested in what was going on in my life and my brothers, also asking after us and being so excited for us. Chris was a workmate and friend, her passing left a big hole in our school life and a beautiful young family without their Mum and Wife. I will miss these beautiful women and inspire to be more like them.
My brother and sister-in-law bought a new house too, and gave me a beautiful new nephew to join my gorgeous niece! They both made fabulous job changes too!

A whole heap of friends had adorable babies, or got engaged, or bought houses, or went on awesome holidays, or moved to new countries, or generally did something fabulous! Plus I have the very best friends.

Such an eventful rollercoaster of a year, I am so thankful for everything I have learnt from this year and I am very excited to see what the next one will bring! 

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